An organizational change management consulting practice focused on enhancing the capacity and performance of nonprofit and private enterprises by providing extended leadership and multidisciplinary expertise.


inter: Latin prefix meaning among, between, mutually, reciprocally, together

DUCTUS: Latin meaning lead, command, prolong, think, consider, regard



Amplifying Leadership & Capacity To Drive Change

Whether an organization is undergoing a chief officer transition, or the lead executive is looking to engage a collaborative team to manage a transformative process, a particular opportunity or gap, interDUCTUS provides executive expertise to drive organizational change and success.

Our team has a proven track record of integrating institutional history, current status and outlook to develop cohesive business management and change strategies. By understanding the experience, goals, and vision of boards of directors, senior executives, operation teams, and collaborating entities, interDUCTUS provides change leadership to position organizations on a path of increased success.