The interDUCTUS team aggregates the talent of consulting professionals with deep expertise across segments of our service offering. Collectively, we have served in executive and management positions in corporations, private enterprises and non profits across industries, including banking, consumer products, food & beverage, healthcare, hospitality, law, marketing & communications, pharmaceutical, private equity, real estate and technology. Through our collaborative consortium, we tap on a multitude of experiences, ideas, networks and resources to contribute to the success of our clients.



Founding Leader, interDUCTUS

Over the last 25 years, Pilar has earned a strong reputation as a business and civic leader. She is regarded as a strategic, innovative, multidisciplinary, results-oriented executive passionate about the rise of diverse leadership, promoting equal access to economic opportunity and investing in education. Pilar as provided leadership at institutions across the private equity,  hospitality, and nonprofit industries.



President & Chief Emerge Officer, rar-evolution

Richard-Abraham is a bold and creative strategist with global wins in designing holistic brand positioning, shaping digital communities, and developing transformative public affair approaches. He is an expert designer of high-touch corporate experiences for employee engagement, retention and external pipeline design. Richard is experienced across the food & beverage, marketing & communications, and nonprofit industries.

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President, Renzi & Company, Inc.

Lisa has almost two decades of experience in association management and is a Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) by the Convention Industry Council, having delivered successful events across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Lisa has served organizations across industries from trade to finance, law, manufacturing, technology and healthcare.


Founder & CEO, VJR Enterprises, LLC

Victoria is a progressive change agent, driver of shifting mindsets, and is an expert in designing and implementing global, disruptive integrated business strategies with over a decade of experience. She is known for her passion and new age approach to solving complex talent management and diversity inclusion gaps with solutions that pivot traditional ways of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. Victoria serves as a trusted voice in the professional development community often called upon to coach and consult professionals across all levels. Her experience spans across several industries including finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer product goods, and non-profit.

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Founder, Inovatus, LLC

Lisa Maria has held a variety of management and support positions across several industries including banking, law, human resources and real estate. A common thread through her career has been a keen dedication to service clients, often engaged in high impact or life changing events.